About the Owners

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sweet Afton Cats is a small cattery owned by Dan and Lynne Woodhull that began with our first two purebred Ragdoll kittens of champion lineage purchased in the spring of 2004.

We both had grown up with a variety of cats and other family pets, which were our friends and “confidants” during our youth and into adulthood. Our children developed the same love for animals, especially cats. In our home, a “three-cat nap” (curling up in your favorite napping spot along with three cats) is considered a luxury and an honor! After our children started college, we thought this would be the perfect time to seriously begin our own cattery. In considering the different breeds we have enjoyed in the past and then studying and meeting members of the current popular breeds, we decided that Ragdoll cats are definitely our favorites.

Sweet Afton Cats is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. (CFA).

About Our Ragdolls

Our Ragdolls have free reign of our home—and they DO reign! They are a special part of our family, receiving lots of love and attention, and have daily interaction with other cats and, in the past, dogs. Our furry, four-legged family members usually share our king-size bed each night, truly enjoying close contact with their people. Ragdoll cats are basically friendly and trusting toward one and all; therefore, as a safety precaution they must be strictly indoor cats (unless they are provided with constant, close supervision or are supplied with an enclosed, secure outdoor area).

Our kittens’ favorite games are pouncing on the creature (hand) under the blanket, chasing (and retrieving) a crinkly paper wad, and “bathtub soccer” with a ping-pong ball! As the kittens mature, their playfulness develops into more of a quiet, stately carriage, and nearly constant pleasant companionship. While still interested in play, they prefer to follow their favorite human and “supervise” activities. When we entertain guests at our home, the Ragdolls get more attention and compliments than our cooking or company!

With the combination of breeders in Sweet Afton’s cattery, we should be able to (theoretically, genetically) produce a well-rounded variety of patterns (bicolor, mitted, colorpoint, and lynx) of the traditional blue and seal colorings.