Concerning Ragdolls

Ragdoll cats are large, beautiful, graceful, gentle, and affectionate creatures. As kittens, Ragdolls are adorably cute and very playful and cuddly. When born, Ragdoll kittens are pure white, and their colors come in as they mature—reaching their full coloring at approximately two years of age and maximum weight at around four years. Females reach an approximate weight of 15 pounds, and males could weigh up to 30 pounds!

Are Ragdolls Suitable Pets For You?

Carefully consider your and your family’s makeup and schedule before choosing to bring a Ragdoll cat, or any pet, into your household. If you are looking for a pet that will obey commands, a cat is not for you. Cat owners enjoy the independent spirit of their pets; it is an inborn trait.

Young children should be supervised as they are taught to handle and care for their new friend with gentleness, kindness, and patience. Ragdoll cats are known especially for their quiet, docile nature and “flop factor,” but that does not mean that they do not feel pain just like any other person or animal when hurt. Rough handling and other inappropriate treatment can cause any good-natured, outgoing cat to become skittish and want to hide from rather than run to greet their people. Ragdoll cats could become depressed and even ill if left alone regularly for long periods of time.

If you have busy work and/or school schedules in your home when the cat would be left alone much of the day, it would be much better to purchase two Ragdolls. If purchasing two at one time would overextend your budget, you could adopt a companion cat for your Ragdoll from a local animal shelter. Our cats do cry out for company when they find they are alone and are visibly and audibly relieved when they “find” us again. They prefer being near their people, but they also certainly enjoy romping and napping with the other Raggies.