Kittens For Adoption

2019 winter and spring

Welcome and thanks for visiting our kittens for adoption page. Our kitten lineup is constantly changing. Kittens are born frequently and then move on. The waiting list never seems to go away. There has been a consistent two year cycle with our litters. We will have a herd of spring kittens and a quiet holiday season, then a quiet spring and heaps of holiday kittens. These cycles depend on normal resting periods for our females and the winter months where females typically don't go into heat. This year we have had a quiet spring. There are two new litters in the nursery currently and we expect three to five additional litters this year. Some folks want a kitten asap, some families wait for a specific fuzz ball and some folks desire a retired breeder. All of our new kittens are $950 and our retired breeders are $200. Availability is constantly changing because of breeding cycles and our ever changing waiting list. There is always a running waiting list but that doesn't mean you may need to wait a long time for a kitten. Many folks on the waiting list are waiting for a specific kitten or have a specific time frame in mind. Some kittens are ready to go with nobody waiting for them. That typically happens during the summer months. There are also last minute cancellations that occasionally occur due to different family situations. Contact us through the website or give us a call to find out what our current availability is.

We began our cattery in the fall of 2004 and we always strive to improve our facility. A ventilation system that was installed has greatly reduced the presence of dust and odor from the litter pan areas. Separated breeding and birthing areas are now in place. Clean, comfortable and safe resting areas are a priority for our fuzzy ones. We are in our 15th year of breeding and we have Ragdolls in 18 different states and Brazil.

Interested in adopting a Ragdoll for your family? A $100 deposit will hold a kitten and also determine where you are placed on our waiting list. A deposit is the only way to be placed on the waiting list. Many of our kittens are typically claimed with a deposit before they are born. All kittens are ready to move in with their new families 12 weeks after their birth. Our prices include the spay/neuter, the first two rounds of the distemper vaccine and a two year genetic health guarantee. Males and females are $950. We are a HCM free cattery and all parents are registered with TICA. All of our breeders have tested negative for HCM.

Meanwhile, check out our kitten pictures. We generally email available kitten pictures out as needed. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please call (719) 505-6582 or e-mail us if you would like more information. We have additional candid pictures from the past 15 years that can be sent to you immediately. Adding a Ragdoll to your family is a great decision and we can help you accomplish bringing a Raggie into your home.

Thanks for checking us out!

– Dan and Lynne =^..^=