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About Us

We both had grown up with a variety of cats and other family pets, which were our friends and “confidants” during our youth and into adulthood. Our children developed the same love for animals, especially our cats. In our home, a “three-cat nap” (curling up in your favorite napping spot along with three cats) is considered a luxury and an honor!

“You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense."

Jane Pauley

After our children started college, we thought this would be the perfect time to establish our own cattery. We attended a few local cat shows to talk with cattery owners and learn more about the various popular breeds, and we absolutely fell in love with Ragdolls!

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."
Albert Schweitzer


About Our Ragdolls

Our Ragdoll Sires, Queens, and pets are a special part of our family, receiving lots of love and attention, and they have daily interaction with us, each other, and our Cocker Spaniel, Fletcher (who has a very special job in helping us take care of the “baby kitties”). Our precious fur-babies share our king-size bed every night, truly enjoying close contact with their people. Ragdoll cats are very gentle, trusting creatures and would not know how to defend themselves if confronted by an aggressive animal or other danger; therefore, as a safety precaution they must be kept indoors, unless they are with a person on a secure halter and leash.


Our kittens’ favorite games are pouncing on the creature (hand or foot) under the blanket, playing fetch (yes, fetch!) with a crinkly paper wad or small kitten toy, and “bathtub soccer” with a ping pong ball! As the kittens mature into young cats, their playfulness tones down a bit, and they develop a quiet, stately carriage and bestow upon us humans nearly constant pleasant companionship.

“A kitten is the delight of a household. All day long a comedy is played out by an incomparable actor."

Our regal Raggies follow us around the house, sit with us while watching TV or doing computer work, “help” unload groceries, supervise meal preparation and house cleaning, and they love to strut about, showing off their beautiful selves in front of guests. They are ears-over-paws in love with their young people. They enjoy basking in the sun and watching the birds and bunnies from cozy window seats and cat “trees,” and delight in the fresh breezy air on the deck (while supervised). Jules and Lacey wait at the storm door for Fletcher and me to come back from our walks, and there is always a crowd waiting for us to come home after outings.


“Just watching my cats can make me happy."

Paula Cole

With the combination of breeders in Sweet Afton’s cattery, we should (theoretically and genetically) be able to produce a well-rounded variety of patterns (bicolor, mitted, colorpoint, and lynx) of the traditional blue and seal colorings. We do have an occasional surprise, such as Thrax, a gorgeous Flame mitted lynx.

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