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Kittens for Adoption

If you’re interested in adopting a Sweet Afton Ragdoll, a $100 deposit will hold a spot for you on our waiting list, which determines the order of choosing from available kittens and will be deducted from the adoption fee. A deposit is the only way to be placed on our waiting list. We will email our deposit agreement to you. Most of our kittens are typically claimed with a deposit before they are born. All kittens are ready to move in with their new families 12 weeks after birth. Our fee includes the first two rounds of vet checks and vaccines, the spay/neuter, and a two-year genetic health guarantee. Males and females are $1250. We are an HCM-freecattery, and all parents are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).


The kitten availability is constantly changing because of breeding cycles and our everchanging waiting list. Although there is always a running waiting list, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to wait a long time for a kitten. Some folks on the list are waiting for a specific kitten or have a specific time frame in mind. There are also occasional last-minute cancellations that occur due to different family situations that may make a kitten available to you.


When your turn comes to choose, we will email photos of current litters and individual kittens to you as they grow. After the kittens’ 8-week vet check, “Kitten Pickin’” begins! We encourage each family/individual to visit us at our home so we can all meet each other, you can meet the parents and play with the kittens, and have all your questions answered. We have about 15 years of additional candid Ragdoll photos we can email to you for your viewing enjoyment, if you’re interested!


Adding a Sweet Afton Ragdoll to your family is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure!


Thanks for checking us out!


~Dan and Lynne  =^..^=

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